Ignorance is Bliss….

Is it really? Would you seriously not want to know that your “friends” are backstabbing bitches, than sit in the dark and think that you guys are the next Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? If we love this quote but hate ignorant people, isn’t that contradicting the quote? Coz, I mean, ignorant people have the quality of ignorance, right? Now see, I hate ignorant people as I think their heads are so far up their arse you can pretty much see it from their throat. I hate how they see the world in black and white, when really, there’s plenty more shades ranging from warm to cool. All you need to do is look.

Take off those ugly RayBan glasses and see the animal’s skin you cruelly wear on your back. See how it bleeds and cries as it’s being skinned alive for you. Or does that shit turn you on? Do you like hearing their screams and cries as they suffer in pain? Is that your thing Guru?

Put that religious book down for a second and ask yourself. Do  I really hate gay people or is that just whats bin shoved down my throat my whole life forcing me to think that they’re the “devil.”  Is god really gonna punish me for eating meat the one day out of the whole week, that I wasn’t meant to. I mean I’m most probably gonna eat twice as much tomorrow, I mean  since it’s a “sin” to eat that lamb or Tuesday.  And then you sit there judging that girl eating her burger fuel lamb burger on a Saturday. What’s the chances that tomorrow you’ll be in her seat doing the exact same thing. Eating the exact same thing.


Open your eyes people and see that there’s more to the world than just your religious based, designer kissing opinions.


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